The Tea Boys

(tiː bɔɪ)
“British old-fashioned a boy who makes tea for the workers in a place such as an office”


Each of us do our best to provide our customers with the best of our expertise for their project, that’s why our customers appreciate our passion and the way we work. We’re english, we like Tea.







About us

Our founders, Ian Wrigglesworth and Graham Bowen, are proud to offer the best packaging processes available in the market today.

Branded Packaging achieve this by understanding our customer’s needs from the initial concept right through to the packaging design and production.

As the world moves ever faster we believe in adding creativity and flexibility to improve the products and service on offer. As a client of Branded Packaging your business will benefit from the creative and inclusive approach we offer.

We understand how important it is to promote your products, We offer a large range of services to help you choose the correct route to the retail shelf.

Our independence helps us differentiate from larger groups and gives us the freedom to provide you with the best quality of branded packaging at the lowest possible cost.

We believe that no matter what the challenge might be, we will help you find the best solution to package it!

Ian Wrigglesworth

Ian studied print and photography in Leeds and worked as an apprentice printer in commercial print and packaging.

After providing technical support for retailers and brand owners in the design, reprographics and packaging industry Ian then worked for over 15 years gaining experience in technical sales and working with retailers on their Own Brand products.

This experience assists him today in advising and helping customers with their creative ideas for an endless amount of Branded Products.

Being customer focused with an openness to creative ideas and understanding that the product is always king drives Ian and the team at Branded Packaging to help and support our clients and associates.









Graham Bowen

Graham started in the production office preparing works documents and providing all the information required to manufacture printed folding cartons, litho-laminated packaging and corrugated flexo packaging for customers.

From production he moved into the commercial/purchasing department responsible for all day to day raw materials purchasing and setting prices for final invoicing.

Running internal sales and estimating which involved checking estimates and agreeing prices with customers. The last 23 years have been in an external sales role working with many different businesses.

His expertise of the industry allows him now to cover all types of requirements to ensure our customers are always satisfied.







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