Dog steps

Your Pet Care Packaging Experts
give a dog a bone, but pack it correctly!

Well-presented and packed correctly, pet care products often need a specialist in the design of the packaging. As one of the biggest markets for off the shelf products in the UK the challenge is to stand out from the crowd, you already have a great product right? You just need to display it in the right light – we can help you achieve that, let us show you how to produce a ‘stand out’ outstandingly packaged product!
So if you are looking to be able to launch a product in the right way into this highly competitive market there is a right way and a wrong way – choosing your packaging partners might just be one of the very first and what could be the most important parts of the puzzle. Our experts will work closely with you to help your business understand the challenges of ensuring your design intrigues pet owners, be that dog, cat or even mouse! We can offer you the right design, packaging optimisation and a speed of delivery to retail that most other packaging businesses fail to deliver.
Our disciplined approach to design and production means everything is taken care of, we often work alongside design agencies and assist them in this very specialist niche providing the route into the latest technologies and materials – providing a serious edge over the competition.


Make more out of your product

We can help you with insights into the consumer market, the latest materials, printing options, product mock ups, prototyping, testing, brand identity specification and complete supply chain solutions. Branded Packaging is geared up to take away any issues, making the entire process a smooth and seamless journey from concept to shelf delivery.

You may have ideas of how you want to proceed and the types of packaging for pet care products that already exist in the market, let us here at Branded Packaging take you that little bit further into the future and your product to a level you may have only dreamt of! Seriously we love to be challenged, bring us your vision and we will make it a reality.

From rigid paper and card containers to flexibles, plastics, pouches and blister cards – we have the right solution for your product. Having designed and dealt with many household name brand products we have experience second to none in the market for pet care packaging. Every option is there on the table, foils, bespoke folding options, clear screens, card, plastic, anything you can imagine – give us a call or email Branded Packaging to discover how our pet care packaging experts can make your product a winner.