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Packaging for your gardening products – from seeds to spades!

Challenging isn’t it, producing a product and taking it to market? The gardening market certainly is one of the most competitive sectors there is, we are here to help you maximise your sales and put your brand front and centre.
How your packaging can attract a consumer to pick a product over another will ultimately drive you insane if you ponder too long over every tiny detail, that is where Branded Packaging can save you time, worry and increase your customer engagement – with our experts and their unmatched experience in working alongside garden centres and retail outlets.
Be it packaging for horticultural supplies / products for gardens, farming or outdoors then Branded Packaging are able to offer experience, advice and point you in the right direction – be that plastics, mesh, foils, card or wood, there will be a solution to match your exact requirements.



Grow your business with us

We are constantly in search of perfection and never satisfied, particular to the last detail we aim to always ensure our customers products look right, feel good and most importantly sell well!
If you are conscious about the environment we are also able to offer a consultancy service around the impact your packaging will have, more and more our customers are moving to highly recyclable packaging solutions – this is most apparent in the gardening packaging sector with many consumers being attracted to the more environmentally friendly products and that includes the packaging.
So in conclusion if you are hoping to source a dynamic and consumer focused packaging company we would love to hear from you – we are glad to produce mock-ups and prototypes at early stages of your product development, often the earlier you get in touch the easier it is to source the best solution or offer up bespoke solutions. If you’re looking for something different – something to stand out and need your product to be the best it can be please do get in touch with us here at Branded Packaging.
If you have a gardening product – anything from seeds to spades get in touch!